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My First Scrapbook!!!

Here it first scrapbook ever!!! It took me only a short time to learn how do use my Cricut and Sure Cuts Alot and collect thousands of files to cut but it took me 5 months to get up the courage to be creative.

I created this book for my neice. I went to her baby shower about the same time I decided to start scrapbooking so she was my first subject. I hope she will enjoy it.
Note: Thanks to everyone who contributed their files so I could make this possible.


kermetta said...

i love your album you have done a great job. Keep up the good work.

SCS embellishartist said...

I know what you mean about collecting and being uncomfortable creating. Wow! look what you find out when you do! Great Album!

Crafty Sue said...

Wanda, TFS your scrapbook. My step-daughter is expecting her first and I want to make it memorable with a scrapbook. I'm new at this too. You've done an amazing job and given me great ideas for cuts.

Patricia said...

Wow--great job Wanda! With all those kids, grandkids,nieces,and nephews, you've got a lot of subjects for your future work! Thanks for sharing.

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