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Hey everyone if you find something you like but the link does not work then please go to my website at The majority of my files are over there. I am working on fixing all of the links on my blog but it takes time. Thank you.


4 FREE svg's

I have just sent out my Thanksgiving newsletter and I decided to share it with everyone so you can see what my newsletter looks like and also get some freebies. Please feel free to share it with your friends or Facebook  Pinterest, Google, or twitter. (there are links at the top of the newsletter to share)

How to get your freebies:
There are 2 freebies in my newsletter. CLICK HERE
There is 1 freebie on my home page on my website. CLICK HERE
When you subscribe to my newsletter you will get 1 more freebie. CLICK HERE

Thank you and Enjoy your freebies!

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Heather D. said...

Thank you Wanda! I think I signed up for your new newsletter...twice! oops! Better to sign up twice than not at all, right? lol

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