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Inspiration Comes from Strange Places

I was going through my many boxes of craft supplies and I found the calender that use to hang on my wall in my craft room before it was destroyed. I started to throw it in the garbage because it was a 2010 calender but then I stopped and took a close look at it. On the bottom of each page was a pocket to put your bills into or memo's or what ever. Well each of those pockets had a different saying and they were each a different color. FINALLY inspiration started running through my veins again!! I won't tell you what I am going to do with these but here is a picture of those 12 pockets. I already cut the calendar part off of them....Enjoy!


Unknown said...


Life has thrown you too many challenges but lots of blessings too. These pockets are perfect. It is good you have your crafting mojo back. I have missed your postings. All the best of luck to you and your family. Glad to have you back.


Tammy D said...

Very cool.

Heather D. said...

I'm happy for you that you're finding inspiration again :-)


Heather D. said...

Wanda, did you have a contest awhile back? Something about posting your blog button? I vaguely remember something...I think lol.... if you did, what happened to it? Just curious...

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