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Another Card with Digital Images

I made this card for my Dad and he just loved it. He really loved the little jewels I put in the middle of each clock face. This card is a print and cut card. The card is shaped so that when I print the picture of the clockwork it fit perfectly. You can find this card HERE. It comes with the svg for the card and the picture that you print and cut to fit on the card.

I created these digital images for the inside of the card and then put my sentiment on one of them. 
These are yours for FREE. The only difference in them is one is darker than the other.
You should be able to click on the picture and then right click and save as.

Well I hope you enjoyed my card and digital images. Have a GREAT day!!


Paula said...

Wanda....yea your back!!! And with a bang, to 1!! This card is awesome, no wonder your Dad loved's perfect!!

Heather D. said...

Awesome 'manly' card! I find making cards for men difficult, so I really appreciate you giving us a manly freebie :-) Thanks Wanda!

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