Please Read!!

Hey everyone if you find something you like but the link does not work then please go to my website at The majority of my files are over there. I am working on fixing all of the links on my blog but it takes time. Thank you.


Grab A Button

I finally did it!! I made my first button to share with others who would like to add my link to their blog or website. I am just so proud of myself! :)

Wanda's Crafts


Heather D. said...

Thanks Wanda! I've added your button to my blog's sidebar. :-)

Sandy said...

Good job Wanda. If I had a blog I'd surely use it. I really appreciate all that you share

Heather D. said...

Hi Wanda,
I love your blog and your creations so I'm awarding you this blog award. Congrats!

Susan said...

Wanda, I really enjoy your files! I recently got your cowboy hat - I write insurance for horses and farms so this one might really come in handy!

Got your button on my blog :)

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