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Love Card for Swap & Tutorial

I use to own a house that had these same hinges on the doors on the kitchen cabinets. I have also seen them on old trunks and other old items. Old memories is where I got my

I wanted to show you how I make hinges look like metal. First the material I use is from cereal boxes or the backing from the paper card stock books I buy (that should give you an indication of how thick the material is). I place my setting up all the way on my Cricut to cut my hinges and tags.

Here you see what it looks like after I cut it with my Cricut.

Here you see two samples of the end results.
For Black Hinge: Pat your black pigment ink on hinge. Make sure you get plenty on it. Then on a clean piece of paper place your hinge in the middle and sprinkle with black embossing powder. Don't be afraid to put a ton. Now pick up the hinge and tap off the excess embossing powder. Set the hinge on the table and pick up the paper and put access powder back into the bottle.
Now use your heat gun to melt the powder. HINT: use something sharp and pointy to hold your hinge down to keep it from blowing away while using your heat gun.

After your hinge has cooled run it through your Cuttlebug. Make sure the holes are facing down and not protruding upwards.

For Antique Hinge: Do the same as above only use copper embossing powder and clear embossing ink first...then run it through your Cuttlebug.

After running through the Cuttlebug pat it with the black pigment ink and then the black embossing powder. Tap off the access real well and then use your heat gun again. The end result is the antique look.

Here is all the supplies that I used.
Cuttlebug (Polka Dots)
Black Pigment Ink
Clear Embossing Ink
Black Embossing Powder (Martha Stewart)
Copper Embossing Powder (Martha Stewart)
Heat Gun
Backing from Paper Card Stock Stack.

Here is a bottom view of the card I made using my hinges and a tag that I did using the same technique a the Antique hinge.

Here is my Love Card...I think it has a bit of a Victorian look. What do you think?
Well I hope that I was helpful in explaining how I made my hinges and tag. If you have any questions please leave me a comment with your email address and I will answer as quickly as possible.....Have a Blessed Day!!!

P.S. The SVG files I used are below this post.....ENJOY!!


Penny Duncan Creations said...

Awesome tutorial Wanda and great file!!! I hope you're feeling better soon!!!!

Debby said...

First of all: Happy New Year! Thanks for this great turorial. I love all the embossing that you did and I never thought of heat and dry embossing on the same project. Love it!
Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, hope you are feeling better then a dog! As always your cuts and ideas are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your files and creative talents. You experience has greatly enhanced by scrapbooking and card making.

Have a great year.

Mary Beth

Kajun Beth said...

Hi Wanda! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial. I am so excited to try it out! The card is fantastic...and yes, I do think it looks Victorian...great job AGAIN!

Scrapping Mom said...

Awesome explaination, I love your work. Thank you so much

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Wanda! Love the metal look and the tut. You rock girl!

Tamara Putvin said...

Fabulous! Wanda, Great tutorial, very well explained.. I love the look.. I sooooo want the cuttlebug.. I know I know it's selfish lol.. Thanks for adding the file for those of us that are "file creating challenged" lol just love your files..

Wishing you abundant blessings,

Judy said...

Wow! You have some nice files here! I used the cricut designstudio. Maybe I will get sure cut a lot this year! Your cut files make me want to get it.

Jun Bug House said...

Thank you and please feel better soon.

Adolpha said...

Happy New Year Wanda and thanks so much for that great tutorial! I have been wanting to creat paper hinges and ribbon slides using a similar technique, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Your instructions are MUCH more creative than I ever could have been and will make good use of my brand new Cuttlebug. Good job!

Anonymous said...
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Digi Free said...

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Diann said...

Wanda, this is an excellent tutorial and one that I'll use often....wish I could use your files!! Your finished product is lovely as always! Diann

Julie Ann said...

Such a great tutorial, Wanda!! I love how shiny and metallic the hinges look in the end. I hope you're starting to feel better!

amayo said...

Such a cute card. Your tutorial is fantastic, even down to the hold it with something sharp and pointy... I love this technique but still try to hold it with my nails and burn my fingers every time lol. Some of us are slower learners :)

Brenda said...

I love the journal and this project made me want a machine to do some embossing on some cards. Just can't decide on the Cuttlebug or the Sizzix.

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